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Our Services

We offer our customers a range of amazing benefits

Buy For Me

We purchase products from China online stores on behalf of you

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Ship For Me

Shop with the massive Chinese marketplaces you desire and send to our Warehouse address yourself!

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Drop Shipping

We offer order fulfilment directly from China. This allows you to ship from China to all over the world in a click of a few buttons.

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Asking Question

We can contact sellers on massive Chinese based marketplaces, and ask them questions on your behalf.

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FBA To Amazon

We can assist you by shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA, saving you money and time.

Reviews Rewards

Make creative posts and share your experience using our service to get rewards

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We Provide The Most Efficient Logistics Services!

Estimate your international shipping fee ahead of time through shipping fee estimation

Cost Calculator



    First Weight

    CN¥235 / 500G

    Additional Weight

    CN¥55 / 500G

    Delivery Time

    5-10 days




    First Weight

    CN¥50 / 100G

    Additional Weight

    CN¥10.5 / 100G

    Delivery Time

    12-30 days




    First Weight

    CN¥35 / 100G

    Additional Weight

    CN¥6.5 / 100G

    Delivery Time

    12-20 days

About Us

Connecting The Chinese Market With The World

CSSBuy provides a hassle-free solution to the purchasing of goods on massive Chinese marketplace platforms, such as JD, Taobao, TMALL, 1688 and Weidan. These marketplaces contain billions of products, and you can find everything on here. This allows our customers to find the cheapest prices, and source locally.

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quality service

Providing quality service & products to our customers

quality serviceVarious payment methods, quality inspection in the warehouse, unlimited QC images, splitting orders, and long free storage time. Once you ship your orders, we pack your package in a very professional manner and use a variety of protected packing materials to protect your items.

1,200,000+ Customers

We’ve helped over 1,200,000 customers just like yourself buy from the Chinese Market

Over 1M+ Products

Our product catalog covers a wide range of retail categories. Quality assured for our customers


Do everything from the comfort of your finger tips

Using the app allows you to receive notifications for orders and packages in real-time.Directly use your phone to shoot the products, and showcase a large number of items directly.

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Still have questions? View our Q&A below


  • 01.How long does CSSBuy take to handle my orders?

    Usually, we fulfill the order within 24 hours after you have paid for the order.

  • 02.How does CSSBuy handle returns?

    As long as the return conditions are met (select accepts return, item is in warehouse for less than 7 days, return shipping fees are paid), we can help you return the item to the seller.

  • 03.How long can I store my items in your warehouse?

    You can store your items in our warehouse for 90 days for free, starting from the order status “In Warehouse”. To extend your warehouse storage after the 90 days, we charge a small fee of 15 yuan per order per month. If your items reach over 90 days and you haven’t shipped them or extended their storage, they’ll be automatically considered given up and will be destroyed.

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